Drawing Gopal Khrishna

This is a nice secuence of photographies of how an

artist draw Khrishna.

-click the imagen to see the video-

short film


History:   It was a interesting experience actually kinda difficult.
I was walking down the street when suddlendy i found a friend called lenin, in his hands he was holding a table to draw with a piece of paper so i ask him What are you doin?
he tell me i’m drawing Krishna, do you want to take a photo??
Sure, i said so i take my camera and take a photo of the already starter draw. Then i said Why we don’t take a lot of photographies from here until the end of the draw??
He said: Ok let’s go to me apartment.
After Walking some blocks, we arrive in his apartment so he start to draw.
But the light was a piece of #)! so we go out and he start to draw under the light of the moon, here comes the interesting!!!
I had no tripod with me and the shoots was at exposure 3″ with F.8 even at iso 3600
the photographies was too moved so i started to build a PIRATE TRIPOD (?) with books and some boxes. after all the problems everything was so cool and amazing.
With just a BIC pen my friend started to draw so faster and so detailed i was just in SHOCK!!!!!


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