short film


Hello dear Suscribers and visitors.

I have some good news :

1. This Blog is going to have a new dinamic menu ” not so close and bored like the actual”

2. After i saw the visitors i see a lot of visitors from Europe, Asia, North America THAT’S SO COOL!!! , but where is Latino America….. So i decided to give this blog a total new change bilingual! English / Español. I know is going to be hard but if it’s necesary i’ll do it.

3. I’ll discard some photos – photos not so good as i want for this blog-  and i’ll upload another photographies and two virtual album exhibition.

4. I’m Getting a lot of proyects of short animation films so maybe i’ll upload the short films or maybe i’ll just post the link like this:           -click the imagen to see it-

short film